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    ECCC proposes amendments to O&G methane framework

    Envirosoft - December 07, 2022

    Environment and Climate Change Canada has released the new proposed regulatory framework for reducing oil and gas methane emissions to achieve 2030 target and is inviting feedback until December 12, 2022. Read the full report here and provide your comments to

    Proposed amendments include: 

    • Expanding application of the regulatory measures to apply to virtually all facilities potentially handling natural gas;
    • Minimizing compliance through combustion, while ensuring that all combustion systems operate at maximum efficiency to address potential methane emissions;
    • Expanding the application and intensity of inspection programs, including non-producing assets;
    • Requiring non-emitting equipment when feasible;
    • Including temporary activities in facility emission ceilings, and lowering these limits to absolute minimum levels; and
    • Developing a comprehensive, nationally-consistent emission monitoring and reporting system.

    Have questions about how your organization may be affected by upcoming changes? Envirosoft is here to help. Reach out to to talk to our team about your air emissions compliance.