Employee Spotlight: Phillip

Envirosoft - April 27, 2023

Phillip joined Envirosoft in February 2019 as an Environmental Analyst and is currently our Manager of Technical Services and Training. He attended the University of Toronto and received a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in chemical engineering. This month, Phillip shared his journey into the environmental industry, his favourite air fryer recipes, and a bit about what it's like being a technical resource at Envirosoft.

How did you end up in the environmental industry? 

P: During university, I had taken courses in petroleum and environmental engineering, so I was already interested in things like pollution, tracking pollutants in the atmosphere, and how it affects ecosystems. I was always interested in that, so I was looking for environmental jobs when I saw the posting for the Environmental Analyst role and it met a lot of the requirements I was setting out for myself. Prior to joining Envirosoft, I worked at a downstream refining company, so I had some exposure to the oil and gas world already.

What made you want to work at Envirosoft? 

P: I looked at the data and the amount of reporting that Envirosoft did for all of Canada, for all of oil and gas, with such a small team, and the impact that Envirosoft had on the whole industry was kind of immense. I saw that and thought it was a good opportunity to get involved. I didn’t initially think I would be moving out to Calgary when I graduated, but that’s what ended up happening. I was living in Toronto when I applied and I had never been to any Canadian provinces besides Ontario and Quebec, so the move was my first time going west.

Tell me about some of your day-to-day.

P: The day-to-day really depends on what day and when that day is. Around this time of year [in April], it's working with clients on verification projects, like Alberta’s TIER regulation, Saskatchewan’s OBPS, and British Columbia’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting, and dealing with verification questions from verifiers, trying to resolve any issues that may arise, and answering audit questions clients may get from regulators like the AER. All of our clients work on different timelines, so there's also still work to be done on quantifying. In my managerial duties, day-to-day support answering questions from the people on my team. Besides that, I also have the "and Training" part of my title, so I’m also working on internal training programs to boost the knowledge of our staff for regulations like TIER and BCGHG.

How has the regulatory landscape changed in the four years you’ve been with Envirosoft?

It’s changed a lot. When I first started at Envirosoft, there weren't as many regs to deal with at the time and most of them were federal, like NPRI, and the MSAPR regulation was just coming into effect. The TIER program was the biggest shift in our reporting program for Envirosoft and for the province as a whole. As a company, we had to navigate through the new regulation, update the software, and advise our clients on impacts. The introduction of new regulations over the years has been a big exercise in data collection, and most of it wasn't initially readily available. Nowadays, that information is more readily available for our clients. Aside from that, a lot of the requirements to specific regulations are constantly changing as the governments adjust what's reportable, so we have to keep on our toes to keep up. 

What’s it been like for you watching the company grow?

P: It’s been pretty wild. Since the Constellation acquisition in 2020, our consulting team has grown from eight to almost 40. We’ve changed our structure so we’re split into pods that take care of individual clients. It’s a lot more robust and organized than what we had before, so it’s a lot easier to navigate all the reporting. And not just the number of people, but everyone we’ve hired so far has such drive and passion for what they’re doing. It really imprints on me when you get to see them happy and gaining knowledge.

What are some of your favourite parts of your job?

P: I think my favourite part of my job is just teaching people. I like writing procedures and educational stuff. Helping our team really understand how our calculations work and what’s happening under the hood in the software. Being that technical resource for our team is really fulfilling.

What are some of your eco friendly habits?

P: I don’t drive. I have a license but I don’t own a car, so I take the electronic scooters or public transit. I’m aware of my carbon footprint and I don’t see the need to have a car where I’m at in my life. I try to be conscious of what I’m buying in terms of companies that support eco-friendly practices and I try not to buy too many things in plastic if I can avoid it, or buying things in bulk to reduce packaging. Recycling and buying organic where possible. 

What do you like to do outside of work? 

P: I do a lot of cooking. My recent cooking escapades have involved my new air fryer; popcorn chicken, breakfast sandwiches, grilled cheese, asparagus, potatoes, carrots. I think I was the last person in the city to get an air fryer, and I wish I had gotten one sooner! 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Phillip! To try Phillip's popcorn chicken or to learn more about the TIER regulation, click below: 


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