Employee Spotlight: Red

Envirosoft - October 05, 2022

Red joined Envirosoft as an intern in January 2022 and was promoted to Environmental Analyst in May. He attended the University of Calgary and received a Bachelor of Science with a focus on chemistry and math. This month, Red shared with us information on his role, a recommendation for a paranormal podcast, and his perspective on leaving a legacy.  

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities?  

R: Depends on the season. Reporting season is a bit crazy and hectic. There’s a lot to do and you sometimes have to get a report done in a day, depending on how much data you have. In slower seasons, you have more time and bigger tasks, so typically at the start of the month I’ll create a project management list and prioritize subtasks from there.   

What’s something you’ve learned in the last month?  

R: My definition of professionalism has been expanding from suit & tie / business talks to being more focused on relationships too. Having good relationships with our clients is so important. On the technical side, I’ve been reading a lot about AEIR and learning more about the regulations. 

Tell me a little bit about your educational background. 

R: I studied natural sciences at University of Calgary. A lot of my courses from third year on were more on the environmental side, so a lot of my assignments were about climate research; for example, how polar bears are impacted by increasing temperatures of the ice caps. I had to pick concentrations and I picked chemistry and math. It was a lot of numbers, and this role at Envirosoft is data driven, so it's perfect for me because I’m very familiar with that type of work. 

What made you want to work at Envirosoft?  

R: I was really interested in the environmental industry. [Climate change] became more prominent in my third and fourth year of university, so I wanted to create an impact in a way that preserves nature. Thinking about the future, I guess I wanted to leave a legacy behind saying, ‘I helped out with the climate problems that we have now.’ I thought that Envirosoft provided that opportunity. I didn’t know too much about what Envirosoft did at the time, just that they were involved in air emissions. I thought it was a great way to get exposed to the industry and here I am. 

What’s your favourite part about coming to work?  

R: My coworkers. They’re so friendly and collaborative. Everyone contributes something different and there are always so many ideas for taking on issues and problems. I see my coworkers as friends too, we have a lot of fun. That and being able to contribute to positive environmental change.  

Other than saving the planet with the work that you do, what are some habits you have that make your days more eco friendly?  

R: I do not drive if I don’t need to. If taking transit or carpooling is possible, I do that instead. 

Any podcast recommendations?  

R: I’ve started listening to Ghost Brothers. They're paranormal investigators and they’re hilarious, they talk about ghost stories from viewers. That industry is predominantly white, but the Ghost Brothers are Black and they’re coming in to change the scene and it’s good to see that representation. 

I heard you’re into hiking. Did you get in any good hikes this summer? 

R: Not really this summer, mostly because of the heat. I get really cranky in the heat and I prefer to not show that side of me to my friends. (laughs) I did go in the spring, me and my mom went to Troll Falls. It was the first time she went on a hike – she tried, but it wasn’t for her. She will not be going again. (laughs)  

Thanks for the chat, Red! To learn more about polar bear conservation or Ghost Brothers, visit the links below: