TIER Conventional Oil and Gas Fall 2022 Webinar | Key highlights

Richard Lugada - November 02, 2022

On October 26, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) hosted the Conventional Oil and Gas Fall 2022 Webinar. This webinar detailed updates and deadlines to the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) regulation. Below is a summary of the key highlights from the webinar. To watch the full webinar, click here. Please contact us with any questions. 

Fuel registration types | 12 Registration Types (Applies to 21 Different Fuels) 

  • Substances that are subject to fuel charge exemption:

Aviation Gasoline 

High Heat Value 

Aviation Turbo Fuel 



Light Fuel Oil (ex: Diesel) 


Low Heat Value Coal 

Coke Oven Gas 


Combustible Waste 



Natural Gas, Marketable 

Gas Liquids 

Natural Gas, Non-Marketable 


Petroleum Coke 

Heavy Fuel Oil 

Pentanes Plus 

Still Gas 



Registered emitters are eligible for exemption certificate (L401) to be applied on fuel charge but a statement from ECCC is needed beforehand.

New Section | Amendment to fuel charge:

  • Applied to those who participate in burning of combustible waste (tires and asphalt shingles). They require a separate registration and the amount burned is payable but registered emitters can burn without registration or fuel charge 
  • Importing fuel: Must report fuel charge and becomes payable at the time it is imported but is entitled to a rebate  

Ceasing to be a Registered Emitter:

  • Exemption certificate becomes invalid when a somebody ceases to be a registered emitter. They must pay the remaining fuel charge and won't be able to receive rebate on imported fuel 
  • When CRA cancels a registration, the reporting period ends on that day of the month and a new registration begins on the day of registration 

Fuel Charge Exemption Process:

  • Register with P/T OBPS to obtain statement from ECCC to register as an emitter, present to supplier/distributor 

End of Year Facilities Auto Removal | Takes place for:

  • Facilities for which the person responsible changes and not the same as the one registered 
  • Facilities with no Petrinex ID that were allowed to enter the program without a Petrinex ID for 2022 
  • Facilities with invalid Petrinex ID 

Deadlines | December 1, 2022:

  • Application for adding a new facility to an existing 
  • Application for creating a new aggregate facility for 2023 
  • Application for removal of a facility from an existing aggregate facility for 2023 
  • Application for revocation of aggregate facility designation for 2023 

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